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In order to have a better mutual understanding with our clients please read below CliFar terms & conditions completely:

The application of below terms may vary according to your request / solution.

General Terms - all Transport Modes

  • All quotes are including one set of B/L, each extra set of B/L will be charged accordingly.
  • All quotes are subject to renegotiation if freight charges change more than 5%.
  • Force Majeure situations will affect deliveries, transit times and the whole transport procedure; All surcharges caused by such are applicable.
  • Quotes are (if not mentioned else) for FCA / FOB shipments and all customs formalities are to be done by the shipper (Loading point & Exit Point), else charges are completely applicable to the client/consignee.
  • All quotes are NET and do not include TAX,VAT etc. of any kind.
  • Courier charges always applicable, if requested.
  • CliFar cannot be held responsible for the loss of original documents, it is highly recommended those to be sent by courier.
  • Lack of documentation by shipper/consignee may result in Demurrage or Warehousing charges that are applicable.


  • Quotes are subject to truck availability on the direct shipments.
  • All quotes are for general non-hazardous cargoes, if else is not mentioned.
  • Free Time for loading/unloading:
    Groupage Cargo: 30 Min.
    Full Truck Cargo: 24 Hours
  • Free Warehousing time: 7 days, afterwards charges per day/week are applicable.
  • MAX dimensions/weight for warehouse handling: 600x200x250 cm, 2500 KG. For the oversized cargoes Forklift/Crane charges applicable, if going through our warehouse.
*Applicable according to cargo weight and dimensions, even if not mentioned in our quote*
  • Agricultural, Food Stuff, Veterinary, Pharmaceutical, Seed and in General all cargoes coming with Health Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate etc. shipper is responsible for providing the documents and certificates shall be provided to the driver against a receipt.
Demurrage & waiting charges of any kind during the transportation due to lack of documents are applicable.
Any customs inspection, loading/unloading, Laboratory etc. charges are fully applicable.
  • Higher value cargoes - more than 300.000,- EUR- might have inspections, escort charges on EU borders, that are applicable.


  • Free time for Inland positioning 2 hour loading/unloading, afterwards charges are applicable per 30 Mins.
  • Free times at POL and POD vary according to the shipping line.
  • All quotes are subject to confirmation and space/equipment availability.
  • All quotes are subject to any unforeseen charges by port/shipping lines.
  • On FOB basis quotes all port charges are to be paid through shipper, if not applicable.
  • VGM through shipper, if not charges are applicable.
  • Stuffing & Lashing is the responsibility of the shipper on FOB / FCA basis shipments.
  • Courier, Original B/L at Destination or Telex Release charges are applicable: according to shipping line/courier.


  • Quotes are subject to acceptance by Airline and subject to space availability.
  • Dense/High Volume cargoes could be sent as partial, according to airlines space availability.
  • If necessary, customs inspection, sniffing, ETD/VCK etc. charges are applicable.
  • On DAP/DDP deliveries all import VAT and customs duties -received from customs- are 1:1 applicable.
  • Free Warehousing for all import/export shipments is 2 days only, Afterwards charged are applicable.
  • Pallet disinfection through the supplier/shipper. Certificate & stamp shall accommodate the shipment and are to be completely readable. Any charges occurring at POD due to disinfections are to be applied.

General terms & conditions of the latest version of German ADSp are always applicable.



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