Privacy Policy (GDPR 2018)

Since the new GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force from 28.May.2018 we at CliFar GmbH would like to inform that we comply with this new GPDR legislation and you can be sure your data is safely being processed at CliFar GmbH.

  • Your Data is being processed by CliFar GmbH and it’s subcontractors.
  • You can always review, update or erase your data at CliFar GmbH by contacting us.
  • Your data such as Name , address, email, telephone no. is being processed to send you promotions, newsletters , feedbacks and updates.
  • Your data will remain in CliFar GmbH but might be transferred to some partners in order to provide you with services, but it will be processed in an appropriate manner and a secure environment.
  • Your data will be processed as informed above until you notify us that you do not want us to do so anymore.

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Address: Josef Str. 37, D-78166 Donaueschingen, Germany

Tel: +49 771 9294 7404

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